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At the end of A Feast for Crows-Chapter 42, Brienne and her group is

hanged by the Brotherhood Without Banners

but then

She screamed a word. Apparently this saved her, since we see her again in the next book.

What was that word?

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speculation, but "Sapphires!" - it worked before so why not. –  coburne May 23 at 16:26
Since only George R R Martin actually knows the answer to this question, I have voted to close as primarily opinion-based. –  Mike Scott May 23 at 16:36
I disagree this is opinion based: reddit.com/r/asoiaf/comments/267xez/… –  Justin Ethier May 23 at 17:26
@JustinEthier is dead on: this question has a confirmed answer, it ought to be re-opened. –  Michael Edenfield May 23 at 18:46
@MikeScott - GRRM answered this question... –  Justin Ethier May 23 at 19:22

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According to this article, GRRM confirmed:

the word brienne screamed was “sword”; lady stoneheart gave brienne the choice of either swearing her sword to her or being hung, saying “sword or noose”, and as brienne was being hung she screamed “sword”

This can be inferred from the text, since as George said, Brienne was given the choice of two words in AFFC. And we

See her later on in ADWD, implying she said the word Lady Stoneheart wanted to hear.

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We do not find out that word in A Dance With Dragons.

From A Wiki of Ice and Fire:

A Feast For Crows: Brienne refuses to choose and is sentenced to hang. After seeing Podrick Payne hanging near her, she shouts a single unknown word as they are about to do the same to her.

A Dance With Dragons: Brienne appears briefly at Pennytree when Jaime camps there, whatever word she shouted apparently making the Brotherhood spare her.

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This doesn't really answer the question –  Shevliaskovic May 23 at 16:22
How does it not answer the question? The word isn't revealed. –  Zoe May 23 at 18:20

She shouts 'sword'. She was given a choice of being Lady Stoneheart's 'sword' and going to get Jamie for her, or of dying by the 'noose'. She shouts sword which is what saves her - and saves Podrick. George explained this to an audience at a recent chat.

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Can you give us a link to George's explanation? –  curiousdannii Aug 15 at 9:26
Here is the link (same as in previous answer), from 2012 MISCON. –  Justin Ethier Aug 15 at 13:38

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