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Prior to being upgraded with a Hard Light Bee, Arnold Rimmer's hologram was able to pass through solid objects such as walls, people, and desks. The Soft Light Light Bee inside of his hologram was proven to be a solid three-dimensional object when it was handled by both Dave Lister and Kryten.

How was Rimmer's hologram able to pass through solid things with a three-dimensional 'Light Bee' inside of it?

Arnold in a desk

Light Bee

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Can you give an example of when his entire body (including the light bee) passed completely through a solid object? –  Richard Jun 8 at 7:21
@Richard. LOL. Yes. Hold on a moment. You edited it while I was in the middle of it. –  Major Stackings Jun 8 at 7:24
"A similar complaint has been raised with the Series X episode "Entangled" where Rimmer briefly enters "soft-light projection mode" in order to walk through a stasis booth door on the ERRA station." –  Richard Jun 8 at 7:46

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On several occasions we see Rimmer moving around the ship without the (evident) use of his light bee, strongly suggesting that the projection is remote rather than local.

Notably in the episode "Thanks for the Memory" he uses a 'Hologramatic Projection Cage' when his light bee is unavailable. It therefore seems perfectly plausible that this same technology was installed aboard Red Dwarf in certain areas of the ship.

This also occurs in the Series X episode "Entangled" where Rimmer briefly enters "soft-light projection mode" in order to travel through a solid object. Both these events happen on board the Red Dwarf, suggesting that his hologram can (under certain circumstances) be generated locally or via a projection.

Hologramatic Projection Cage

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Yes. There is also the episode Me² where a second hologram of Rimmer gets switched on and off without any light bee present. –  Mr Lister Jun 8 at 21:12

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