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Is there any other canon as large in breadth and as complicated as the totality of the Star Wars canon?


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Aaannd because "canon" fluctuates, is dependent on the person you ask, and is defined differently per everything (Doctor Who's "there is no canon" versus Star Wars levels of canon (prior to Disney, now it's even more wonky) versus Babylon 5's "parts of novels are canon"), I'm VTCing as "Primarily Opinion Based"... –  Izkata Jul 14 at 1:01
I reckon this might be unanswerable, but I do think it’s really interesting. –  Paul D. Waite Jul 14 at 1:02
But, for example, the Cthulhu Mythos isn't a franchise and there's no one to license it; debates about its "canon" could go on forever. –  BESW Jul 14 at 5:30
And I'd argue that simple Marvel or DC comics canon (Earth-616 for Marvel, and whatever the DC version is) are probably the largest unified canons. –  phantom42 Jul 14 at 14:20
@CGCampbell You realize we can't click that pic to enlarge it, right? For all we know, you're showing off your Scooby Doo DVDs, cookbooks, and your Hawk and Dove comic collection. ; ) –  Meat Trademark Jul 15 at 6:08

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Perry Rhodan. Around 3,000 books in the canon so far, mostly not translated into English. Perry Rhodan is nearly always the answer to questions about the biggest science fiction series.

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Ahh man, I still have some Perry Rhodan books, thin as can be but gripping to my as to yet truly unformed mind back in the late 70's. –  CGCampbell Jul 14 at 14:16

The Star Trek canon is substantially larger than the Star Wars canon:


  • Star Trek films: 12 Live-action films
  • Star Wars films: 6 Live action, 6 animated features (1 removed from canon)

Clear win for Star Trek


  • Star Trek TV Series: 6 (amounting to 726 episodes)
  • Star Wars TV Series: 8 (amounting to approximately 200 episodes including minisodes)

Clear Win for Star Trek


  • Star Wars: Approximately 390 books and novellas
  • Star Trek: Approximately 1000 books and novellas

Clear win for Star Trek

Comic books

  • Star Wars : Approximately 700 comics (of varying quality and type)
  • Star Trek : Approximately 700 comics (of varying quality and type)

A draw, unless you add in the Star Trek comic strip which ran to over 1400 individual strips.

Computer Games

  • Star Trek: approximately 100 computer, PC and Console games
  • Star Wars: Over 200 computer games, however nearly half of these are “expansion-packs” for existing titles.

A slight win for Star Wars

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Can you indicate where you got your numbers from? –  Xantec Jul 14 at 0:53
@Xantec - Very rough estimates from the relevant wikpedia pages. I look forward to being corrected; For example - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Star_Wars_books, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Star_Trek_novels –  Richard Jul 14 at 0:57
How is 12 films to 10 in Star Trek’s favour a clear win, whilst 200 Star Wars computer games versus 100 for Star Wars is a slight win? How about the depth/complexity/popularity/average play time of those games? Has Star Trek got anything to rival Tie Fighter? –  Paul D. Waite Jul 14 at 1:04
@Richard - what about comic books? –  HorusKol Jul 14 at 3:32
If that's true, then I stand corrected as far as the new material, but I noticed nothing new when I watched it a while back. I still don't agree with 3 minutes of footage being enough to call it an entire separate movie of canon, but whatever. –  phantom42 Jul 14 at 23:11


Doctor Who canon:

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Hello! Welcome to Stack Exchange. The idea is to write answers that answer the question on their own. Linking to sources is good, but the answer itself should quote the relevant parts of the link, or otherwise convey an actual answer (see scifi.stackexchange.com/help/how-to-answer). As it stands, this is pretty much just a list of Wikipedia pages — you haven’t stated how large you think each body of work actually is, in comparison to Star Wars. –  Paul D. Waite Jul 14 at 9:01
It's not a bad answer, although it could have done with some numerical data. But my opinion is that "Superman comics from 1937" is a strong start. –  Mr Lister Jul 14 at 12:55
While there is certainly a lot of Doctor Who material, "canon" for DW is, in a word, wibbly. For example, if you assume that all authorized DW novels are canon, then suddenly the Doctor is an incarnation of the Eternal Champion (The Coming of the Terraphiles), and most of Michael Moorcock's novels become DW "canon". The TARDIS Data Core details some of the problems with defining a DW canon. –  Brian S Jul 14 at 14:47

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