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I was in a Marvel forum, and I saw a picture of Squirrel Girl with a defeated Thanos, and the Watcher saying that it was the real Thanos, and that she had saved the universe.

I'm not sure if that is a joke from Marvel, or it it is canon. In which comic did this happen?

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related… – Einer Jul 14 '14 at 14:58
Squirrels. She defeated him with squirrels. – user1027 Jul 14 '14 at 15:57
also defeated wolverine with squirrels its weird that she works has a babysitter for the avengers being so powerfull – cidric Jul 14 '14 at 16:14
She defeated him with style and panache, of course... – djm Jul 14 '14 at 17:33
It's often been said that her superpower is the ability to get the story to not focus on her, and then she can defeat the big guys without any need for logic. Another idea is that she just can't lose or, if she can, is just incredibly lucky. – trlkly Jul 14 '14 at 23:24
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This occurred in GLX-MAS #1 published in 2005. It was a special holiday issue. The stories included are meant as parodies, and not canon within the main Marvel Universe.

Marvel describes the issue as such:

Marvel’s own Milwaukee-based Misfits are back—in their very own, double sized X-mas special! Sure, they survived the GLA mini-series, but can Squirrel Girl, Mr. Immortal, and pals survive… the HOLIDAYS?!? 6 all-new features of mockery, morbidity, and merriment-- including the return of Grasshopper, Deathurge… and the Yuletide tyranny of Dr. Tannenbaum?!

There are actually two stories involved here.

The first is "Eggnog, Toilet Paper, & Peace on Earth". It ends with Squirrel Girl running to battle Thanos.

enter image description here

The second story is "Days of X-Mas Past". Unfortunately, it is never explained how Squirrel Girl defeated Thanos, just that she did.

squirrel girl vs thanos

As to how Squirrel Girl might be able to defeat Thanos, one might refer to the answer to the question How did Squirrel Girl defeat Dr Doom? which explains a possible battle strategy (Squirrel Swarming the enemy with extraordinary numbers) and points out the fact that her official power/ability stats are maxed out.

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On the Facebook game Marvel:Avengers Alliance one of her power moves is (of course) a squirrel swarm (called Fury Furry). – Monty129 Jul 14 '14 at 19:36

Squirrel Girl has cuteness powers which distract her enemies while the squirrels attack. She also has power over space, enabling her to tuck that huge furry tail into her pants, and this distracts her foes as they wonder, 'How is that possible?'

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[citation-needed] – FuzzyBoots Jun 20 at 12:00
Welcome to Sci-fi and Fantasy Stack Exchange. Unless you can provide some sort of a source for this it is not an answer that adheres to answers generally acceptable on this site. Also, is this meant to be a sarcastic answer? – Theyna Jul 3 at 23:42

i feel like she's, for lack of a better term, squirrely and spry, just as much as her furry friends, it's possible that just like a squirrel she would be pretty much impossible to catch and most likely can tire/frustrate her opponent to the point where even the toughest most cunning villain will eventually make a mistake and open to attack, she reminds me of deadpool in the sense that there is a method to their madness

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Do you have references? – Adamant Jul 3 at 7:51
Welcome to Sci-fi and Fantasy Stack Exchange. Unless you can provide some sort of a source for this it is not an answer that adheres to answers generally acceptable on this site. Please only provide answers that provide some sort of proven or reference-able conclusion. – Theyna Jul 3 at 8:39

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