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Both the Borg Cube (seen in Q-Who) and the Crystalline Entity (seen in Silicon Avatar) seem to dwarf the Enterprise-D.

Is it possible to know which object is larger? I haven't been able to find the dimensions of the Crystalline Entity anywhere.

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Which Borg Cube are you talking about? There's a Borg Hypercube in front of which Enterprise-D looks like an ant. –  Sachin Shekhar Aug 2 at 22:40
The classic Borg Cube, the one seen in "Q Who?" I'm having trouble uploading images, for whatever reason. –  T-1000 Aug 2 at 22:42
@SachinShekhar: While that may be a very large cube, where do you take the statement from that it is a hypercube (i.e. a 4-dimensional or higher-dimensional cube)? –  O. R. Mapper Aug 3 at 7:58
@O.R.Mapper The comic in which I encountered it said it Hypercube. –  Sachin Shekhar Aug 3 at 8:03
@o.r.mapper - The Borg "hypercube" is a form combining 8 normal sized cubes into a single larger object. –  Richard Aug 3 at 14:44

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The Crystalline entity is very much smaller than a standard (Type-2) Borg Cube.

The Star Trek Encylopedia describes the Crystalline Entity as being "hundreds of meters across", versus the Borg Cube which is over 3 kilometres (3040m) along each side.

enter image description here

MAGNUS: I've got a visual.
ERIN: It's massive. Twenty eight cubic kilometres, a hundred and twenty nine thousand lifeforms on board. We're being scanned. They haven't altered course.
Voy : Dark Frontier

This should give you a rough idea of scale:

enter image description here

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I didn't think the Entity would be so small compared to a Borg Cube. Is there any time during the episode in which the entire thing is shown? I believe at the very end the whole Entity may have been shown, but I'm not sure. –  T-1000 Aug 3 at 0:53
@T-1000 - You can see it at the end of Silicon Avatar. It fills the viewscreen but that's mostly because it's practically sitting on top of them. –  Richard Aug 3 at 6:35
@T-1000: I suppose you're thinking of this scene. Indeed, it would look larger there. However, I somehow suspect the scenes showing the Enterprise and Borg cubes do not match with the figures cited from the Voyager episode, scale-wise. –  O. R. Mapper Aug 3 at 8:03
@O.R.Mapper - Sizes in scifi/space shows are notoriously inconsistent. The usual thing is to just blame foreshortening –  Richard Aug 3 at 8:35

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