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Herpo the Foul is one of the earliest known dark wizards. He was the first person ever to create a Horcrux.

Did someone take the pains to destroy his Horcrux or is he still alive?

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I don't think there is any mention of it in canon, but it is very likely that he is still alive, assuming his horcrux was not destroyed and that he did not repair his soul by showing true remorse for his crimes. –  ZenLogic Aug 10 at 16:07
Do Horcruxes keep you from dying of old age? Because Herpo came from Mediaeval, or Ancient Greek, days. –  Mac Cooper Aug 10 at 16:08
@TomLynd, not with a Horcrux he didn't. He used the Philosopher's Stone. –  Mac Cooper Aug 10 at 16:11
Most canon sources state that Voldemort was 72 at the time of his death, so age seemed to do little to his physical health, even considering the fact that wizards live longer in general. He was still running (or flying) around like a 20 year old at this time –  ZenLogic Aug 10 at 16:17
@ZenLogic, I completely agree Horcrux > Old age, but to be fair Dumbledore was like 160 and was swimming and dueling to the last second, so Voldemort's agility and old age may have had nothing to do with the Horcruxes. –  Mac Cooper Aug 10 at 16:17

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I am not aware of anything that describes whether Herpo’s horcrux was destroyed, or whether he is still alive, in any of:

  • The seven narrative books and the three supplementary books
  • The films
  • A J.K. Rowling interview
  • A Pottermore update

and I also checked the HP Wiki and HP Lexicon, for good measure.

As far as I can find, he is never described as anything except “Greek” or “Ancient Greek”, and there’s no evidence that he was active after Ancient Greek times. Given that he was a very prominent dark wizard in his heyday, I’d be surprised if he just dropped off the map. I would guess that he died at some point before the main books, but I don’t know when that was or how he died.

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A very elegant way of saying "I don't know". You have my +1 –  Richard Aug 10 at 18:11

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