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Excerpt from A Dance with Dragons ahead:

The old Valyrian road glimmered ahead of them like a long silver ribbon winding through wood and dale. For a little while Tyrion Lannister felt almost at peace. "Lomas Longstrider told it true. The road's a wonder."

"Lomas Longstrider?" asked Duck. "A scribe, long dead," said Haldon. "He spent his life traveling the world and writing about the lands he visited in two books he called Wonders and Wonders Made by Man."

"An uncle of mine gave them to me when I was just a boy," said Tyrion. "I read them until they fell to pieces."

"The gods made seven wonders, and mortal man made nine," quoted the Halfmaester.

A Dance with Dragons, Tyrion III

Tyrion and his companions mention seven wonders of nature and nine wonders crafted by men. The roads of Valyria are the fourth of the nine. Do we know what the other fifteen wonders are? I would assume The Wall to be another of the nine made by men.

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The wonders made by man

Only a few have been named. According to westeros.org as my source:

  • Valyrian roads.
  • The Wall.
  • Titan of Braavos.
  • The triple walls of Qarth.

And less canon, but still notable.

It may be implied in the text that the ruins of the Great Pyramid of Ghis, which we're told Lomas Longstrider visited, may also number among them.

Speculatively, fans have considered the possibility of the Hightower of Oldtown, Harrenhal and the Five Forts being among the other man-made wonders.

The above text was from westeros.org as well.

Wonders made by nature

The books don't talk about this to my knowledge. But the non-canon links touch upon them a bit.

Non-canon, but useful speculation.

Also from westeros.org.

A reddit post that is worth noting.

Another westeros.org link.

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Of the Wonders made by the gods, none so far have been mentioned. But of the man-made Wonders, we know of four:

  • Valyrian roads.
  • The Wall.
  • Titan of Braavos.
  • The triple walls of Qarth.

The Ghiscari pyramids might be a fifth.

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