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I enjoy long walks on the beach and mango margaritas.

Hah, not really (though I do enjoy mango margaritas).

Let's see... I'm married to an awesome Mord'Stannis of a woman. I've got two cats. Work for Boeing and drive a truck. Live in the Seattle area, but I'm not a huge fan of coffee... more of a frappuccino kinda girl.

Into all sorts of nerdtastically geeky things... Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Naruto, ASoIaF, GoT (yes I do separate the two with good reason), Fable, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Star Wars, Vampire: The Masquerade, D&D, BSG, The Morrow Project, Skyrim... the list goes on-and-on really.

I also enjoy potatoes. With cheese.

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