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I like to explore C++11 idioms and soon enough, C++14. I try to document the most important results of that exploration on my website.

I have been helping spread knowledge of various C++11 idioms and pitfalls, and I coined the Rule of Zero, which I think is one of the most fundamental ideas for writing good C++.

From time to time I contribute to open-source projects, and I also have a few of my own. The most active ones can be found on my GitHub profile.

I also like to explore the epic failures that result when we mix cultural diversity with programming, in particular things related to text and timekeeping.

My other programming-related interests include language and library design, and functional programming.

All the code I post on this site is released under the CC0 license, unless I mention it was written by someone else.

Are you trying to contact me? I usually hang out by the C++ Lounge. My e-mail address is also easy to find elsewhere on the Internet.

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