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Java desktop app. enthusiast (for the x-platform, rich client experience). No strong opinions on technologies, platforms etc. beyond that.

Author of the SSCCE and wrote the initial draft of the (much shorter) MCVE document here at SO. Also seen at the DrewTubeish Tube Channel, LinkedIn, Softpedia & Facebook1.

Some of the tools formerly available at the pscode.org domain (that I controlled) can now be downloaded from my Google Share Drive.

At StackExchange: Completed the Java Web Start, JNLP, Applet & Java Sound tag information pages. Top user in same tags. Asked the How to create screenshots? FAQ & wrote the Why CS teachers should stop teaching Java applets blog post.

Most active on StackOverflow but also seen at other places around StackExchange such as Space Exploration, Sci-Fi & Fantasy & Movies & TV.

  1. FB friend requests please note, I will not be 'friending' people on FB who appear under a different name on FB than, here. I am tired of adding friends that make me think 'And ..who is that?'.

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