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Top new questions this week:

People recluded in a penal reservation, who believe they are on Mars but they are actually on alien-invaded Earth

This is a story from the 1950's. I recall that one of the characters states the date of the invasion as 1959. The story has some similarities to Oblivion. There is a group of people in a penal ...

story-identification short-stories alien-invasion mars  
asked by Ginasius 18 votes
answered by Lee Eckhardt 29 votes

What did Gandalf mean by "first light of the fifth day"?

I don't know how this one goes in the books, but in the movie Gandalf says: Look to my coming on the first light of the fifth day, at dawn look to the east. Does that imply that the battle of ...

tolkiens-legendarium the-lord-of-the-rings the-two-towers  
asked by user3453281 18 votes
answered by Allerleirauh 67 votes

What Asimov character ate only synthetic foods?

I recall an Asimov character whose religious dietary restrictions forbade all foods produced from living things; they could eat only synthetic foods. At some point in the story, that character faced ...

character-identification isaac-asimov  
asked by Steve 17 votes
answered by FuzzyBoots 33 votes

Searching for a short story about a man nostalgic for robot teachers

I'm searching for a short story (it's not Asimov's The Fun They Had) about a man who buys a vintage robot teacher and develops a relationship (I think the robot recites Shakespeare, and he spends more ...

story-identification short-stories  
asked by Emeline Brulé 14 votes
answered by Clara Diaz Sanchez 25 votes

What's the significance of the bounty hunter being named Jubal Early?

The last TV episode of Firefly, "Objects in Space", features a bounty hunter named Jubal Early who boards the Serenity with the intent of kidnapping River and claiming the bounty on her head....

names firefly  
asked by Rand al'Thor 14 votes
answered by DavidW 14 votes

Is it possible to beam someone against their will?

In Star Trek (any series) it would seem the transporter would make a great defensive weapon against your ship being boarded - simply start beaming the intruders into a holding cell (or if you're ...

star-trek teleportation  
asked by colmde 14 votes
answered by LogicDictates 36 votes

Cold War short story where aliens use a cosmetic or perfume to make humans go extinct

I read this short story in the early 2000s in an anthology, but it wasn't new then (probably written during the Cold War). In the story, the world was rapidly becoming overpopulated. The main ...

story-identification short-stories  
asked by cometaryorbit 13 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Who is Anakin Skywalker's father?

In Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Anakin's mother, Shmi, said that he does not have a father, although it seemed to me that she doubted that. Is there a canonical answer as to who Anakin's father is? ...

asked by DavRob60 113 votes
answered by DavRob60 39 votes

If only the Sith deal in absolutes, why does Obi-Wan say it that way?

Obi-Wan tells Anakin that "Only the Sith deal in absolutes", and uses that as his identification that Anakin had actually turned to the Dark Side. But it would seem the statement itself "Only the ...

star-wars sith  
asked by corsiKa 149 votes
answered by Chris B. Behrens 148 votes

How can Professor Xavier be alive?

In X-Men 3:The Last Stand, we see that Professor Charles Xavier died and Jean Grey killed him, and his body turned into pieces. But in X-Men: Days of Future Past he's alive and well. I'm pretty ...

marvel x-men x-men-cinematic-universe x-men-days-of-future-past  
asked by Darjeeling 48 votes
answered by Dr R Dizzle 30 votes

Identify all horror movies in this image?

I saw this image on the interwebs, with the caption that there are 40 movies referenced in it. Unfortunately I am so old and incompetent, I was only able to identify Casper the Ghost. Please identify ...

character-identification object-identification  
asked by Jack B Nimble 7 votes
answered by F1Krazy 10 votes

Who was Toph's husband

Lin Beifong is described as the daughter of Toph Beifong, the blind earthbender who teaches Aang earthbending, but her father is not named. Who is he?

avatar-the-last-airbender the-legend-of-korra  
asked by DavRob60 13 votes
answered by SNag 17 votes

What is the meaning of the ending of "The Man in the High Castle"?

The end of The Man in the High Castle consists of: Understanding all that (and I'm assuming I'm interpreting it correctly), what did Dick want the reader to get out of this? What's he saying? My ...

asked by Jimmy Sawczuk 47 votes
answered by Andres F. 17 votes

What is the relationship between Beleriand in the Silmarillion and Middle-earth in Lord of the RIngs?

I've read both The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings. Both take place in the 'west' of Arda, and Beleriand (where most of The Silmarillion takes place) is destroyed. So where is the Middle-earth ...

the-lord-of-the-rings tolkiens-legendarium the-silmarillion  
asked by Jason 41 votes
answered by Avner Shahar-Kashtan 56 votes

Can you answer these questions?

Manga where a girl reincarnates into a super tech world and she pretends to be a boy to inherit her new dad's things

It's about a girl who reincarnates into a super tech world. Her new dad had died protecting people and was a SS mecha pilot. She pretends to be a son to inherit all of her dad's things. She has a ...

story-identification manga mecha reincarnation  
asked by Shawn 1 vote
answered by FuzzyBoots 0 votes

After Nedry's hack on Jurassic Park, where have all the other staff gone?

After Nedry shut down the fences and security systems of the park, stole the embryos and fled, it looks like John Hammond, Ray Arnolds, Muldoon and the tourists are the only people left on Isla Nublar....

asked by Better not tell 4 votes

Are Dr. Allen and Obed Marsh the same person?

Spoilers ahead. In The Lovecraft Investigations, are Dr. Allen and Obed Marsh two names for the same person? In episode 10 of "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward", Kennedy Fisher says this ...

asked by Matthias Braun 4 votes
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