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A man drives the last gas guzzler car. . . but he has a secret

So, in a future where fossil fuels are prohibitively expensive, the men in a neighbourhood envy their one neighbour who drives a large V8 sedan from the old days. The owner of the throwback is well ...

story-identification humor  
user avatar asked by Covertwalrus Score of 44
user avatar answered by FuzzyBoots Score of 41

Which actor has played the same sci-fi character for the longest time?

News articles like this one are stating that James Earl Jones is looking to wind down his career, and has supposedly given permission for Disney to use artificial intelligence and archival footage to ...

user avatar asked by A.Steer Score of 33
user avatar answered by Barmar Score of 10

Trying to identify a novella by Poul Anderson

I read a novella (or novelette—I don't believe it could have been a short story) that I am almost certain was by Poul Anderson. It opened in an airport, flights cancelled by bad weather, with two men ...

story-identification poul-anderson  
user avatar asked by Barnaby Score of 22
user avatar answered by user14111 Score of 29

Has the Batman as an inmate of Arkham fan theory ever been produced in any media?

I am aware of the Batman as a Inmate of Arkham fan theory, sometimes called the Villain fan theory or Bruce Wayne crazy theory, has been around for around 10 years. This theory states than Bruce Wayne ...

dc comics batman  
user avatar asked by A.Steer Score of 22
user avatar answered by Pete Score of 33

What does "they could use you for seed" mean in The Marvelous Land of Oz?

I was reading The Marvelous Land of Oz and came across this unusual passage. This unusual statement is made when the Scarecrow, Tip, and Jack are going to flee the Emerald City after the Army of Girls ...

terminology the-wizard-of-oz  
user avatar asked by RedMaw Score of 19
user avatar answered by Buzz Score of 47

Why is Ezri's mother confused about her daughter using the symbiote's name?

In S7E11 Ezri contacts her mother to ask her to help look for Chief O'Brien. Her mother seems confused about Ezri using the symbiote name, Dax, as her surname, if you will. Her mother is Trill, surely ...

star-trek star-trek-ds9  
user avatar asked by Mr Pablo Score of 17
user avatar answered by Valorum Score of 25

Did the ringwraiths develop a better sense of smell and if so, why?

In my understanding, ringwraiths were once humans. The books portray them as sniffing a lot and trying to pick up a scent. This is especially true in the first part where Frodo departs from Bag End. ...

tolkiens-legendarium the-lord-of-the-rings  
user avatar asked by C. Tomm Score of 15
user avatar answered by Danila Smirnov Score of 25

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Who was the old man at the beginning of The Force Awakens?

Who was the old man at the beginning of the movie? P.S. I don't believe I spoil anything with this question

star-wars character-identification the-force-awakens  
user avatar asked by Ivo Score of 69
user avatar answered by DVK-on-Ahch-To Score of 43

Why would Dumbledore say "After all this time?" to Snape?

When Snape's changed his allegiance from Voldemort to Dumbledore he did so expressly because he wanted to honour Lily's memory by protecting Harry. It was Dumbledore himself who persuaded him to take ...

harry-potter albus-dumbledore severus-snape  
user avatar asked by The Dark Lord Score of 78
user avatar answered by DavidS Score of 127

In Inception, how do Cobb and Saito escape Limbo?

At the end of the movie: But my question is: How did Cobb and Saito actually manage to get out of limbo and return to the plane? maybe I missed something, but didn't they miss the kicks? and wasn't ...

user avatar asked by Jared Score of 26
user avatar answered by Chuck Dee Score of 35

What order should the books in the Percy Jackson universe be read in?

There are several dozen novels, short stories and other works set in the same world as Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Many of them aren't released chronologically in relation to each ...

suggested-order percy-jackson rick-riordan the-heroes-of-olympus the-kane-chronicles  
user avatar asked by Rogue Jedi Score of 12
user avatar answered by Adamant Score of 10

What's the recommended reading order of the Ender Wiggin books?

The series that starts with Ender's Game has a parallel series that starts with Ender's Shadow. The graph of the timeline is... well... complicated. Does it make more sense if you read them in the ...

books suggested-order enders-game  
user avatar asked by Bill the Lizard Score of 122
user avatar answered by thelsdj Score of 93

What happened to Lucy Gray Baird in The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes?

Suzanne Collin’s prequel novel to her Hunger Games trilogy was recently released, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. I got the book early and read through it quickly. When I reached the part where ...

the-hunger-games suzanne-collins  
user avatar asked by MagcalBooks007 Score of 8
user avatar answered by Uhleezuh Score of 5

To whom was Yoda referring when he said, "There is another?"

In the original trilogy Yoda refers to another hope: Obi-Wan: "That boy is our last hope." Yoda: "No...there is another..." The assumption being after seeing Return of the Jedi (Episode VI) that ...

star-wars the-empire-strikes-back continuity yoda  
user avatar asked by Jeremy French Score of 49
user avatar answered by DavRob60 Score of 101

Can you answer these questions?

What is C-3PO working on in this video?

This awesome PSA from the 70’s is super cool to watch. I love the retro-feel of all the electronics in the room and it kinda makes me think of Andor. It’s driving me crazy but I can’t figure out what ...

star-wars object-identification  
user avatar asked by Max Score of 6

Martial artist manhua where he gets skills from souls/memories

Looking for a manhua I read Basic plot is that he gets skills from souls or memories of previous life Some skills he gets are hacking money making skills master appraiser master psychologist In most ...

story-identification manga martial-arts  
user avatar asked by I'd like to Be immortal Score of 1

Space explorers and cats?

The book is about space travellers who explore different planets and they eventually come to a planet that is pretty much earth. Some of the explorers being to feel uneasy and scared because they ...

story-identification books  
user avatar asked by Mak Score of 5
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