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Top new questions this week:

How did GLaDOS open portals in the beginning?

If you look at the beginning of the original Portal game, GLaDOS opened portals for us. While the portals were opened on plain white surfaces, how could GLaDOS do it ...

video-games portal  
asked by Satellite of Sin Score of 31
answered by Valorum Score of 73

Planet of cannibals

This question First story to feature the trope "the nice self-sufficient society that welcomed us are actually cannibals"? jogged my memory about a sci-fi short story that I read maybe ...

story-identification short-stories  
asked by Danny Mc G Score of 23
answered by Clara Diaz Sanchez Score of 26

When Snape did this to Dumbledore, why didn't Fawkes protect him?

Fawkes was genuinely loyal to Dumbledore and even protected him once by taking Avada Kedavra on itself (and then being reborn from its ashes). Why didn't Fawkes protect Dumbledore once again when ...

harry-potter character-motivation  
asked by Satellite of Sin Score of 21
answered by BMWurm Score of 58

Spaceship chess game identification

I faintly remember the game, I played it as a kid in the early 00s. The game involved a chessboard where at first you could play chess as you normally would. When a piece would take another piece ...

story-identification video-games  
asked by Marcel Score of 20
answered by Valorum Score of 32

Sci-fi book read in the early 2000s about a video game developer evading kidnappers, who want his in-game geology algorithm, I think

The main protagonist was a genius game designer / CEO of a computer game company, who knew where the minable resources in the game were, because he was the one who created the very realistic geology ...

story-identification books  
asked by WookBorm Score of 19
answered by DavidW Score of 33

Series of books/novellas, involving a depopulated Earth, mass infertility, a religious cult, time travel, and Amazon warriors

There was a series of books/novellas in the '70s or so, involving a very depopulated Earth due to a chemical/drug error that made all females who lived in modern society infertile. A prophet had ...

story-identification books time-travel soft-sci-fi  
asked by John Garland Score of 18
answered by LogicDictates Score of 19

Golden age SF short story where spacecraft pilots are reanimated dead people?

The key detail from the story was that because of cosmic rays or some other deadly phenomenon, pilots of spacecraft returning to earth had to be dead people who had been specially reanimated. Living ...

story-identification short-stories spaceship  
asked by scruss Score of 17
answered by Clara Diaz Sanchez Score of 33

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why was Crusher replaced with Pulaski who was replaced by Crusher?

In season 2 of TNG, Dr. Crusher was replaced with Dr. Pulaski. In season 3, Dr Crusher came back. The best information I can find is "On Star Trek TNG, why was Crusher replaced by Pulaski? And...?"...

star-trek star-trek-tng  
asked by ThePopMachine Score of 66
answered by Plutor Score of 99

What's the recommended reading order of the Ender Wiggin books?

The series that starts with Ender's Game has a parallel series that starts with Ender's Shadow. The graph of the timeline is... well... complicated. Does it make more sense if you read them in the ...

books suggested-order enders-game  
asked by Bill the Lizard Score of 122
answered by thelsdj Score of 93

Why can't adamantium cut through vibranium?

In Avengers vs. X-Men #3, Wolverine's claws meet up with Captain America's shield. It's always been my understanding that Wolverine's adamantium claws can cut through anything, but also Captain ...

marvel avengers-vs-x-men  
asked by Brett White Score of 59
answered by Thaddeus Howze Score of 81

If only the Sith deal in absolutes, why does Obi-Wan say it that way?

Obi-Wan tells Anakin that "Only the Sith deal in absolutes", and uses that as his identification that Anakin had actually turned to the Dark Side. But it would seem the statement itself "Only the ...

star-wars sith  
asked by corsiKa Score of 154
answered by Chris B. Behrens Score of 153

In the Dark Knight, why did Batman choose to save Harvey Dent, rather than Rachel Dawes?

In Nolan's The Dark Knight, when the Joker kidnapped Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes and trapped them in a weird oil drum showroom: Why did Batman tell Gordon that he was going to save Rachel and they ...

dc batman nolan-batman-trilogy the-dark-knight  
asked by Deiknymi Score of 33
answered by James Sheridan Score of 73

Is Eli blind, or can he just read braille?

In the Movie "The Book of Eli" we discover at the end that the Bible Eli has been carrying the entire movie is written in Braille. Does this imply that he is blind (and has been living completely "by ...

asked by Timothy Baldridge Score of 35
answered by Jack B Nimble Score of 63

Why would Dumbledore say "After all this time?" to Snape?

When Snape's changed his allegiance from Voldemort to Dumbledore he did so expressly because he wanted to honour Lily's memory by protecting Harry. It was Dumbledore himself who persuaded him to take ...

harry-potter albus-dumbledore severus-snape  
asked by The Dark Lord Score of 78
answered by DavidS Score of 127

Can you answer these questions?

Short Marvel fanfic about Magneto having a head cold

I think I read this in college, which would put it between 1998 and 2002. I thought I read it on the Fonts of Wisdom site, but I can't find it on there. It was a short humorous fanfic where Magneto ...

story-identification x-men fan-fiction magneto  
asked by FuzzyBoots Score of 3

Alien movie where the spaceship crashed and repaired itself like reptile skin

I watched this movie a long time ago. I remember the aliens come to Earth because of DNA and showed some humans the family tree showing special DNA on it. The ship crashed and was repairing itself. I ...

story-identification movie aliens  
asked by Marcio Score of 5

What is lexcorp in lego batman 2 inspired by?

In the video game lego batman 2 anything related to the company lexcorp seems to be jet black with green neon lights, such as the lexcorp juggernaut,( the ...

dc batman lego lex-luthor  
asked by Thomas Haeyen Score of 1
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