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Searching title of a dystopian story: In the future people are forced to sit in front of giant screens and must watch TV or movies as a punishment

The description is vague so please pardon. It might be from the 1970's or earlier. The story focuses on one protagonist in a bleak future society. It seems everyone is forced to spend time sitting ...

story-identification short-stories  
user avatar asked by Nikki Matthews Score of 18
user avatar answered by Stef Score of 23

Brain ship decides to restart the human race

This is a short story I read on the Internet, probably Project Gutenberg, in the last 15 years. It's likely to be much older - '60s maybe. Humanity was at war with an alien race. The aliens had self-...

story-identification space-colonization  
user avatar asked by Pastychomper thanks Monica Score of 17
user avatar answered by FuzzyBoots Score of 21

Is there any knowledge or notes on the 11th Culture book?

When Banks died, he had in his mind the plot for the 11th Culture book (source): What's next? (...) then another SF novel for 2014. Possibly Culture, possibly not. For once, I sort of have a Culture ...

the-culture iain-m-banks  
user avatar asked by user354948 Score of 17
user avatar answered by Hypnosifl Score of 31

Early 1980s short story - man receives a gift of high technology, but there's a catch (probably published in Asimov's)

I think this story was less than 10 pages long, and published in the Scithers era of Asimovs. The main character, a scientist of some sort, I think, receives from a mysterious personage (I don't ...

story-identification short-stories  
user avatar asked by Andrew Score of 16
user avatar answered by DavidW Score of 17

Looking for title of future ice age book from before 1980

About 50 years ago I read a book that started near Spilsby in Lincolnshire, UK and followed a family who moved across country due to an advancing ice age. They moved to the west coast of wales. I ...

story-identification novel  
user avatar asked by Mailbyrail Score of 15
user avatar answered by LogicDictates Score of 17

A man sentenced to hibernation is released early and someone quips, "Good behavior" -- what was this from?

I think this pretty funny scifi joke (I don't think I laugh at jokes in science fiction much) came from TekWars and a robot delivered it. Note: I meant any one of book, film or tv show and now we know....

user avatar asked by releseabe Score of 14
user avatar answered by releseabe Score of 11

When did Star Trek first start using low lights as a norm for red alert conditions?

In older shows such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager, corridors were not dimmed during red alert. But in the newer shows, the lights are usually dimmed. In what show did this ...

user avatar asked by Sovereign Inquiry Score of 14
user avatar answered by OrangeDog Score of 21

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Who is torturing Theon Greyjoy and why?

He comes out of no where and I haven't read the books. He just keeps torturing him and giving hints on who he is...

user avatar asked by Logan Score of 3
user avatar answered by StellarPanda Score of 16

Why was Crusher replaced with Pulaski who was replaced by Crusher?

In season 2 of TNG, Dr. Crusher was replaced with Dr. Pulaski. In season 3, Dr Crusher came back. The best information I can find is "On Star Trek TNG, why was Crusher replaced by Pulaski? And...?"...

star-trek star-trek-tng  
user avatar asked by ThePopMachine Score of 66
user avatar answered by Plutor Score of 99

What happened to Bane that requires him to breathe using an apparatus?

In The Dark Knight Rises, Bane's ailment is never explained. All we know is that his breathing apparatus keeps him alive (and pain free). What happened to Bane that requires him to wear such an ...

dc batman nolan-batman-trilogy the-dark-knight-rises  
user avatar asked by stevvve Score of 32
user avatar answered by Ryan Score of 16

What is the meaning of The Hunger Games' golden bird?

Everytime time media need an image about the Hunger Games, they use this golden bird What is the significance of this bird?

the-hunger-games symbols  
user avatar asked by DavRob60 Score of 12
user avatar answered by PearsonArtPhoto Score of 41

The ending of the Witcher saga

The ending of the Witcher series by A. Sapkowski is a source of a lot of controversy. I was wondering if I can find some clarification here. Opinions of what actually happens after the fighting in ...

user avatar asked by Jakub Konieczny Score of 31
user avatar answered by TARS Score of 31

Why did Harry Potter intentionally lose the Resurrection Stone in the Forbidden Forest?

Just before he is sacrificed to Voldemort in the Forbidden Forest, Harry dropped the Resurrection Stone. “I thought he would come,” said Voldemort in his high, clear voice, his eyes on the ...

user avatar asked by DavRob60 Score of 96
user avatar answered by TGnat Score of 81

Pony ages in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

What is the actual age of the following ponies: Twilight Sparkle Pinkie Pie Rarity Apple Jack Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Princess Luna Princess Celestia Granny Smith So let's add some constraints: ...

my-little-pony my-little-pony-fim  
user avatar asked by razpeitia Score of 30
user avatar answered by AncientSwordRage Score of 46

Can you answer these questions?

Short story published in Sci-Fi Best in 60's-70's about delivering a unique animal to home planet or keep in captivity

the short Sci-Fi story I'm looking for I read many years ago, is about a spacecraft captain who is suppose to deliver alien species held in the spacecraft to some sort of zoo. One particular being is ...

story-identification short-stories  
user avatar asked by rjmoran Score of 4

Series ID: Sanderson-esque trilogy(?) about religious figures

Looking for what I think was a trilogy of books similar in style to Brandon Sanderson's. (I originally thought they were by him, but looking at his bibliography nothing seems to match on a surface ...

story-identification novel  
user avatar asked by J Lewis Score of 3

Looking for a Chinese historical romance novel

Female lead was rebirth/transmigrate something, so she is quite young and she has a doting father and brother but with a stepmom and stepsiblings. Her family's got some big position in the court too (...

story-identification novel  
user avatar asked by Luan Score of 5
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