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Late 70s Early 80s Children's SF Book Series

Basic premise was a space-crew who were in some sort of rescue role. The books in the series featured a space-ship which was illustrated as very similar to the "Discovery" from "2001", but was based from a 10,000 person wheel-shaped space colony. The crew wore track-suit style outfits (70s futuristic trope) and they had an alien that was a pink blob which communicated via a small computer attached to it, which printed out messages.

One adventure has the crew encountering a ship full of the pink blob aliens.

In another they have to rescue a colony on Venus by dropping the alien into a jammed landing dome.

In another the ship goes out of control and they encounter a long-lost space-colony where the inhabitants have grown into giants.

My local library only ever seemed to have a few books from the whole series. Some of the titles on the cover end-notes sounded quite good.