I am trying to find a series which I cought only a few episodes of as a kid, but which seemed really interesting. To be fair, it might also have been an animated movie broken down into parts, though I find that less likely.

  • I watched the series in the late 90's - but, as I grew up in Romania, it is likely that this is in fact an older series.
  • The protagonists (afaict) were a young girl and a boy (possibly of a different age).
  • The episode(s) I watched were playing in a harbour town, and the characters wanted to catch a ship.
  • There was repeated queer talk about the Crivăț (as it was called in the Romanian dubbing - this is a specific Romanian meteorological phenomenon, which might have been used as a stand-in for "blizzard" or East Wind) which made me fairly sure it would shape out to be the story's primary antagonist.
  • The series was drawn in a nice, but classic way, Walt-Disney-ish as far as I can assign the style.
  • The general atmosphere of the series was gloomy, and many of the colours were bleak.

I think you might be looking for this (Legend of the North Wind)

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  • Yes, that was it, thank you SO much!! – TheChymera Nov 8 '15 at 2:21

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