Regularly in JLU, Wonder Woman appears to lose her temper and comes very close to killing someoine in anger. AFAIK she never follows through in the show.

But anywhere in canon, does she ever kill a mortal?

She decapitates Medusa in a baseball court, but she's not really a mortal anymore:

The fight takes place in a baseball court and is by Ares transmitted to the world. The fight is brutal, as Diana fights blind, first by a piece of cloth, then by snake venom she pours into her own eyes. But Diana is victorious in the end as once again, Medusa is decapitated.

Some examples of WW almost killing mortals:

Once when she believes Superman has been killed:

And once when some bank robbers interrupt her day off:


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During Sacrifice (part of Infinite Crisis) in Wonder Woman #219, she snaps the neck of Maxwell Lord:

enter image description here

To be fair to her, he was mind controlling Superman at the time, but she did kill him. I'm not sure how "angry" she was tho.


In addition to the Maxwell Lord answer, Wonder Woman has killed in alternate continutities as well:

  • Flashpoint Paradox: Wonder Woman kills Steve Trevor via hanging after he goes to save Lois Lane on new Themyscira

  • Injustice: Year 3: Wonder Woman kills Huntress. She is upset that the Bat-family continues to fight against Superman and his regime. Huntress and Batwoman call her side tyrants. Wonder Woman wraps her lasso around Huntress's neck and gives it a tug, breaking her neck. Wonder Woman seems shocked by the neck being snapped.

Lasso around Huntress's neck Wonder Woman's reaction

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    Flashpoint paradox is an alternate reality and WW is evil, not angry.
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