I know the "Big 5", Jennifer-Lynn Hayden, Simon Baz, and I'd probably throw G'Nort and Kilowog in there as well, but surely there are more.


Green Lantern Corps Quarterly 02 (Autumn 92) - "The Lonely Man" - Waverly Sayre, American frontiersman, 19th Century

Charlie Vicker

Green Lantern Corps Quarterly 04 (Spring 93) - "The Best Choice" - Donna Parker, c.1956

Alan Scott

Hal Jordan

John Stewart

Guy Gardner

Kyle Rayner

Jennifer-Lynn Hayden-Scott (Jade)

Simon Baz

Jessica Cruz (Power Ring)

Niti ________ (human female) Superboy v5 #33 (Sep 2014) - alternate timeline

Most can be found on the Green Lantern Wiki.


Just post-Crisis, there was The Green Lantern Corps of Earth: In addition to Hal, John, Kilowog and sometimes Guy, there were also Katma Tui, Salaak, Ch'p, and Arisa, sometimes joined by Driq.

In the possible-future The Last Days of Animal Man, there was a whale or whale-like Green Lantern on Earth whose backstory is not explored.

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