Back in 2011, a company known as Silicon Knights released a game called X-Men: Destiny.

This game focused on playing as one of three characters:

  • Aimi Yoshida, who feels that her father abandoned her.

  • Grant Alexander, who is an aspiring football star.

  • Adrian Luca, who is the son of a deceased anti-mutant Purifier.

However, one thing in the game remains unclear:

Is Aimi Yoshida the daughter of the X-Man Sunfire?

These three things below make me wonder:

  1. The Name- Anybody who knows X-Men knows that Sunfire's real name in the comics was Shiro Yoshida, and in the game Aimi's last name is Yoshida.

  2. The Power Displayed When Aimi's Father Leaves- In the comics, Sunfire is shown to have many fire-like abilities, and when Aimi's father leaves her, he is shown turning his body into flames.

  3. Aimi's Father Knew Nightcrawler- When talking to Mystique and Nightcrawler, one of the main things that pop up is Kurt telling Aimi "I knew your father; he was a good man."

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