In season two episode 11 of Extant, Ethan is using a chess board to send a message by pressing white and black squares. He say he is using black squares for 1 and white for 0.

Is the code real?

  • Sequence: 1001000110100100011011
  • His mother, Molly, say the message says "Hi".

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From the looks of it, it is real code. The sequence 1001000110100100011011 matches up to 7-bit ASCIIHi<CR>” + a parity bit if one use even parity-scheme.

bin      dec   hex  ASCII
1001000   72  0x48      H
1101001  105  0x69      i
0001101   13  0x0d     CR
1        parity bit: total 9 bits set, set parity bit to 1 to make it even.

CR is Carriage-Return and used to denote something like “end of text” in this case.

Now, that is the kind of detail we like.


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