Last year I read a book which included all of these things:

  • At the beginning of the book, a boy walking through an alley finds an old man running towards him, being chased by guards. The old guy dies after giving the boy a chest with a ancient scroll.

  • Soon after, the boy returns home and finds his mother murdered by guards.

  • The scroll belongs to a group of men sworn to protect it, only one old guy is left alive.

  • Later on, the princess/queen is exiled by her evil brother.

  • The princess/queen (Feya, or it started with a F) teams up with the boy to help save the kingdom.

  • Crippled babies were killed so the kingdom could be perfect.

  • At the end of the book, the queen dies and a young boy who was taken away so he didn't die at birth. He has a crippled leg and becomes the new king because he was born on the xth second of the xth minute of xth hour of the xth month, etc.

I've been looking forever for this trilogy.


At first I thought that it might be the fairy tale "The Little Lame Prince and his Traveling Cloak" (1875) by Maria Dinah Mulock Craik, but the question gives a lot of details which are not in that story. Thus It must be a different story unless WILLIAM CUTLER is combining details from several different stories in the same book.

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