Obviously Star Trek changelings are quite robust.

I know the answers to some of these, but I'll just leave it to someone to provide a complete answer.

To harm means to kill or to do damage to a changeling that can be permanent or at least last for some period of time or may require medical intervention to repair.

Various means of attack could include, among others:

  • physical attack
  • physical separation into pieces
  • explosives
  • radiation
  • extreme heat or cold
  • energy weapons
  • vacuum
  • chemical attack
  • biomedical attack
  • denial of reversion to gelatinous state
  • emotional abuse (jk)
  • others

In canon, what do we know causes damage to a Changeling, and what doesn't cause damage?

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Memory Alpha has a list of methods by which they have been injured and the episodes in which these methods are put into practice:

It has been suggested that Changelings are biologically immortal and therefore never die of old age. (DS9: "Children of Time", "Behind the Lines") However, it has been proven possible to kill Changelings by a number of means.

Severe cases of radiation poisoning can prove fatal. (DS9: "The Adversary") Changelings have also been killed by phaser or disruptor fire, at sufficiently high settings. (DS9: "Crossover", "Apocalypse Rising") A Changeling has also been observed succumbing to trauma following the impact of a ship crashing into a planetary surface (a crash in which the ship's intertial dampeners had failed). (DS9: "The Ship")

In summary:

  • Severe case of radiation poisoning

  • Phaser or disruptor fire at a sufficiently high setting

  • Trauma following the impact of a ship crashing into a planetary surface

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