Before there was the Fantastic Four's human Human Torch, there was the original Human Torch, who was actually an android.

Does anyone know why the Human Torch (Android) was called the Human Torch when he isn't actually human?

I'm fine with in- or out-of-universe answers.

  • The “Human Torch” is neither! – Paul D. Waite Aug 8 '16 at 12:04

As you can see from the opening chapter of Marvel Comics #1, he was (inaccurately) dubbed "The Human Torch" by his creator; Professor Horton in honour of the fact that he was intended to be an exact replica of a human.

enter image description here

In later years (and several reboots later) he would drop the 'human' part and just be known as The Torch.

  • For the record, if anyone has a spare (paper) copy of Marvel Comics #1, I'd be happy to take it off their hands for a fiver. I'll even pay for postage. – Valorum Aug 8 '16 at 0:49

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