I'm looking for a book I read ages ago. I don't remember the title or author but I remember the cover.
It featured a sad girl hugging her knees to her chest in the sand next to a lake. There's a little twig sculpture in the sand next to her. In the distance is a large figure. The cover was primarily blue.

From what I remember, the story was about a lonely girl who uses magic by stringing twigs together. I think she summons/befriends a giant lake creature.

I need to know this as it's been driving me crazy trying to figure out this book.

  • I found Twig Stories, a series of books by Jo Marshall. Only if that's it, you'd have a lot of details mixed up. Still, you never know. – Mr Lister Sep 11 '15 at 6:03
  • Reading the title of this question, with its "possibly... maybe" construction, made it sound less like you're trying to identify a particular story and more like you're looking for a recommendation for a book to read this weekend. :) – Doug Warren Sep 11 '15 at 15:45

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