Basic Plot:

  • Tensions are high between two (possibly Middle-Eastern, or just 1 in tension with the U.S.) countries
  • A U.S. Defense satellite/space station is capable of grounding/destroying missiles (like a Geneva convention-style satellite)
  • Virus gets onto satellite/space station, making it allow the enemy forces to use their missiles, but not the U.S. ones
  • Crew goes up to the satellite to hard-boot the system
  • Space station has defenses, they must get past them all to run the hard-boot
  • They eventually succeed (some of the crew may have died trying)

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I had asked in multiple places, turns out the answer is Virus, by Bill Buchanan

Per a brief blurb in an online bio of the author:

Virus by Bill Buchanan is about a super virus that is uploaded into a space station that controls DEWSATs (Directed Energy Weapon SATellites). Each DEWSAT was an orbiting counterstealth weapon system, a satellite that could detect and destroy stealth missiles and aircraft from low earth orbit...

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    Please add some details to your answer. Show why you believe this is the book the OP is looking for, preferably with quotes backing up the points in the original question.
    – Joe L.
    Sep 14, 2015 at 3:30
  • You can click on the check mark next to your answer to accept it as the correct answer. Also, like @JoeL. says, could you please expand your answer to explain why it is the answer to your question? Finally, welcome to the SF and Fantasy Stack Exchange. Please take the tour and read the help center. And enjoy your stay.
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