I have often heard that the Hulk can beat anyone because the more he fights, the angrier he'll get and he'll just keep getting stronger and stronger forever because of this.

However, I want to know if this is actually true. Are there any comics that show evidence of whether or not the Hulk's anger (and therefore his strength) have a limit?


In the comic Secret Wars II, the Beyonder analyzed the Hulk's physiology and claimed that the Hulk's potential strength had "no finite element inside." This would seem to imply that there is no limit to how strong the Hulk can get, a by product of which meaning that there is no limit to how angry the Hulk can get, as Hulk's strength scales up with how angry he is.

For reference, the angriest we have ever seen the Hulk is in the World War Hulk story-line, in which Hulk, furious with the Illuminati after the destruction of his planet and the death of his family, travels back to Earth in order to extract vengeance. In it, Hulk defeats several of the most powerful characters that Marvel have ever created, including Black Bolt and Doctor Strange, and even goes toe to toe with Sentry.

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