In this wikipedia entry it claims the following:

A few references to Star Wars have been inserted into Star Trek films; for fleeting moments one can see ships and droids from Star Wars. Most Star Trek films and some TV episodes used Industrial Light and Magic, founded to provide effects for Star Wars, for their special effects.

Is there a listing or does anybody know of the specific Star Trek episodes and/or movies where these Star Wars ships/droids are inserted?

If you can supply not only the episode/movie names, but also the point in the episode/movie, a screenshot, or time stamp that would be helpful.


The instances being referred to are probably in the Star Trek reboots:

R2 in Star Trek

Star Trek (2009)

R2 Into Darkness

Star Trek into Darkness (2013)

As to why, see here

  • It's ashame this question was closed because I think there were probably a lot more, but I'll go ahead and award a correct answer on this one and both of those shots are pretty cool, gotta love R2. – JMFB Oct 1 '15 at 3:39

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