I am new to Marvel Comics.

I know there is a universe in which Yggdrasill connects 9 Realms. So is that it? Are there only 9 Realms in this universe? Or is Yggdrasill just a portion of this universe ?

Is there any link where I can see all the other multiverses if they exist?

  • "multiverses in marvel universe" — that would be "universes in Marvel multiverse". A multiverse is made up of multiple universes. ("Uni" means "one". "Multi" means "many".) Commented Jan 20, 2022 at 14:29

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A Realm isn't quite the same as a universe. One universe has 9 Realms and many more dimensions.


In Marvel terms, the 616 universe (which is where the main stories were set, before the current Secret Wars storyline) has 9 Realms:

9 realms of Marvel

  • Alfheim - home of the light elves
  • Nidavellir - home of the dwarves
  • Jotunheim - home of the giants
  • Svatalfheim - home of the dark elves
  • Hel - the realm of the dead
  • Muspelheim - home of the demons
  • Vanaheim - home of the Vanir
  • Midgard - where the humans live.
  • Asgard - home of Thor etc..

Our realm is Midgard. This is pretty much the Norse mythology view of things. Illustrated here in an old Thor comic:

enter image description here

However, during Original Sin, a tenth was added:

  • Heven - home of the Angels.

Here's a map from Thor v4 #7, with Ygdrassil in:

enter image description here

Other Dimensions

On top of that you have other dimensions such as Limbo (e.g. Magik of the X-Men) and other demon specific realms (from Doctor Strange stories). See wikipedia for a list. Highlights include:

  • Limbo - Home of Belasco, featured in the X-Men books and linked to Magik
  • The Mojoverse - home of the X-Men villain Mojo
  • The Microverse - where Ant Man shrinks to
  • The Negative Zone - featured prominently in Fantastic Four books

(The "realms" of the Thor books are basically interconnected dimensions)

As to how many universes in the multiverse - see How many Marvel Earths (Universes) are there?.

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