OK so for the longest time I thought this was the villain from Big Trouble in Little China, b/c he had this parasitic quality to him (old man drained energy from young girl to maintain himself), but that's not it. I distinctly remember a scene with numerous people, maybe all women maybe not, being physically drained of a yellowish fluid (implication that its plasma, not blood?), by some villain.* I had somehow confused this with Phantasm as well, but that's not even thematically related - although related by timeframe. This aired on UPN (guessing) in the Chicago area in early/mid-90s. Was probably released in the 80's. Thx!

  • Oh yah, so the plasma was being drained mechanically, into IV bags, not directly with fangs or something. That was one of the things that stood out about it, the creepily pseudo-medical nature.
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    Not of This Earth has an old man who drains plasma from people. Could that be it? – Adamant May 26 '16 at 5:14
  • Very odd little film, and closest I've seen so far! But no, definitely not it. – whatisthisanime May 31 '16 at 18:27

I believe that you may be looking for Lifeforce.

The space shuttle Churchill is assigned to observe the Halley's Comet under the command of Col. Tom Carlsen. They see a strange form attached to the comet and Carlsen goes with a team to investigate. They find three humanoid life forms in caskets and they bring them to the Churchill. However, Earth loses contact with the shuttle and the Space Research Center sends another spacecraft to search the Churchill. They find the crew dead and the shuttle burnt and one rescue pod missing. They bring the humanoids to Earth and soon Dr. Hans Fallada and his team discover that the Space Girl is a sort of vampire and drains the life force from people transforming them into zombies. When the authorities find that Col. Tom Carlsen has survived, they summon him to explain what happened in the Churchill. Carlsen tells an incredible story about the three aliens and he teams up with Col. Colin Caine trying to save mankind from the evil vampires from the space.

Warning: Trailer is NSFW

  • There are also a couple life-force questions on the site. – Molag Bal May 22 '16 at 2:24
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    Welcome to Stack Exchange! Please can you add some more detail about this film, e.g. by quoting from the link you provide? Link-only answers tend to be discouraged here, since if the link goes dead the answer becomes essentially useless. You might like to check out our guidance on answering story-ID questions. – Rand al'Thor May 22 '16 at 2:24
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    Hmmm... Lifeforce. Maybe. But the IV bags seem unfamilur. – Major Stackings May 22 '16 at 6:26
  • Thank you for the first attempt! I don't think this is it, the trailer didn't ring any bells, except maybe for the people in scrubs. I may need to watch it to make sure. I really do remember this featuring "pseudo-medical vampirism," and I remember people hooked up to tubing, for the purposes of draining plasma (?) – whatisthisanime May 25 '16 at 1:06

think its called dark angel or i come in peace.

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