Praxis, the moon of Qo'noS, was colonised by Klingons from the home planet, whose economy, although not literally their home world, was destroyed by its explosion.

But were there any beings native to Praxis, who evolved there and preceded the Klingons' arrival? If so, were any such species completely annihilated by the explosion, or did they survive on Qo'noS or elsewhere?

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No, at least not as documented in primary nor secondary canon.


In a scripted line not included in the actual film, Praxis was to have been established as having no indigenous lifeforms.


It seems there aren't any indigenous lifeforms...

Memory Alpha:

Praxis was the inhabited sole natural moon of Qo'noS. It was used as the Klingon Empire's key energy-production facility in the 23rd century.

However, by 'inhabited', this seems to be referring solely to those Klingons who inhabited Praxis

Memory Beta also states that:

In 2293 over-mining and insufficient safety precautions led to the destruction of Praxis in a massive explosion. The shockwave from the explosion damaged Qo'noS's ozone layer, hit the USS Excelsior, and the remains of the moon formed an asteroid belt around Qo'noS which threatened all life on the Klingon homeworld. Klingon scientists estimated Qo'noS would not be able to support life just thirty-four years after the disaster and the Federation predicted the fall of the Klingon Empire within fifty years as a result. (TOS movie & novelization: The Undiscovered Country; TOS novel: Sarek; TOS comic: "The Order of Things")

Note how ecological damage is referred to on Qo'noS only; surely if there were indigenous life forms on Praxis, that would have been mentioned somewhere as well.

Additionally, Memory Beta explains that in an alternate reality:

Having reached a stalemate in the five year war, the Federation felt that deployment of the device on Praxis would act as a demonstration of force and lead to a possible Klingon surrender. Although the moon had a population of about 500,000, the Federation thought that since most either lived underground or in colonies protected by shields and domes, the inhabitants would be spared any ill-effects from the Genesis wave as it re-formed the moon's surface.

This suggests to me that Praxis wasn't really suitable for any native life forms to survive naturally.


Memory Beta also mentions that at some point an Iconian gateway had been placed on Praxis, so possibly, whilst not native, some life forms may have arrived at Praxis prior to the Klingon arrival.

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