I have the same question as was asked before: William Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, Michael Faraday and the like are all robots, androids, and are referred to in the book as "dry bones". They are all used to teach children -- the goal being to repopulate the Earth (after a war, a plague?) There is also a "Library" -- somewhere in London (the setting.)

At one point, a girl in her bathtub calmly reaches up with her toe, and pulls the playing radio into the tub -- killing her (because the "world" is too weird???)

QUESTION: Does anyone know the name of this book?

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As per the answer to the question this was previously marked as a duplicate to, this may be The Overman Culture by Edmund Cooper.

Book Cover - The Overman Culture

"Michael had a good memory. He could remember things significant & insignificant. He remembered--if hazily--when he was young enough to be fed milk only. He remembered the odd child who disappeared from playschool & he remembered the other child who fell (or was pushed?) from the high window & lay all smashed & crumpled on the ground, but not bleeding & he remembered how he'd wanted to know about words, how you could keep them, how you could fix them--perhaps like a drawing--forever."

"Time seems to have run amok. London is governed by Queen Victoria & Winston Churchill, populated by young people called 'fragiles' & others called 'drybones' because they don't bleed. The young fragiles come to realize that they're the last of their kind--whatever kind that might be.

Thus is established the setting for a brilliant novel of adventure that speaks to the largest questions facing young people everywhere--questions of identity, of purpose in life & of responsibility for themselves & their kind."

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