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We know that there are multiplicity of different works/sources in Harry Potter Universe:

  • HP books 1-7

  • Associated JKR books (Beedle the Bard, QTTA, HP Prequel story, Magical Beasts)

  • HP Movies 1-7

  • JKR interviews

  • jkrowling.com information

  • Pottermore

  • Harry Potter amusement parks

  • Possibly, other non-JKR franchise works, though to the best of my knowledge none exist as of now and none are planned.

  • assorted fan fiction :)

Given that the universe is pretty big/complex, with many sources, it's not surprising that there already are discrepancies between different sources (the obvious ones between books and movies; ones between different books; and ones between books and JKR interviews).

To manage such discrepancies, other universes frequently employ official or unofficial canon rules (as an example, Star Wars has multiple layers of canon, whereas Dr Who officially has no canon).

Is there an official position of JKR/Harry Potter franchise on HP Universe canon structure?

NOTE: "No canon" and "No current official position" are two different answers.

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