I am looking for a series of books that I read in the late 80s, early 90s about a girl that called herself SPARTA. In the 3rd book she went to Mars. In the last book she made herself into a fish so she could live underwater.

I think the lead male character was named Blake.

I remember that SPARTA was an acronym for a program she was involved with as a teen.

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    Venus Prime by Paul Preuss? See en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_Prime
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  • @JohnRennie: Wasn't sure since I haven't read it and the Wikipedia entry didn't mention anything about turning into a fish. It looks like Richard already wrote it up, anyway.
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A quick google of the words "sparta", "blake" and "Mars" leads to the wikipedia page for Venus Prime, a...

"series of six science fiction novels written by Paul Preuss"...

...based on the short stories of Arthur C. Clarke.

Volume 1 – Breaking Strain (based on the 1949 short story "Breaking Strain") After her sudden escape from a mental institution, an amnesiac who calls herself Sparta seeks out the origins of her unusual abilities. To this end, she adopts the identity of Ellen Troy and becomes an inspector for the Space Guild.

On her first assignment as an Inspector, Sparta is sent to Port Hesperus, the space station orbiting Venus, to investigate the sabotage of the Space Queen, an old freighter. While there, she encounters Blake Redfield, a young antique books expert who may hold the key to her missing memories.

It's noted that her name is actually the acronym of the program that helped to genetically engineer her DNA

Formerly enrolled in the mysterious SPARTA program under her birth name, Linda Nagy... [etc]

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