At the end of an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, "Equinox" Part 2 (S06E01), the surviving crew of the USS Equinox join Voyager.

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I recognise the guy in the foreground but can't place him. What I am wondering is:

Do we ever see any of these characters again?

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Main Canon

The sole member of the Equinox crew seen again on screen was Brian Sofin. He makes a brief appearance as a background character in the Voyager episode "Repentance", evidently working as a junior security officer.

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The other characters seen being given a dressing down by Janeway simply disappear from view, presumably working below decks or as ordinary crewmen with limited responsibilities and no good reason to be near the ship's main staff.

JANEWAY: The last time we welcomed you aboard, you took advantage of our trust. You betrayed this crew. I won't make that mistake again. Noah Lessing, Marla Gilmore, James Morrow, Brian Sofin, Angelo Tassoni, you are hereby stripped of rank. You'll be expected to serve as crewmen on this vessel. Your privileges will be limited, and you'll serve under close supervision for as long as I deem fit.

EU Canon

Memory Alpha notes that Marla Gilmore and Noah Lessing are mentioned in the Voyager novel Homecoming as being part of the returning crew.

She paused, giving herself and her crew a moment to reflect on the sacrifices some of their number had made. The losses still ached. If she were honest with herself, she’d have to admit, it would have been impossible to get every single crewman home while battling such odds. But oh, how she had wanted to. Her eyes found Icheb and little Naomi, Gilmore and Lessing from the Equinox. She smiled, heartened by the sight of their faces.

The others, James Morrow and Angelo Tasso are never heard from again, potentially killed in the interim or simply too unimportant to mention.

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According to Memory Beta Wikia for Marla Gilmore.

  • In 2376 (for reference, the Equinox episode happened in 2371), as part of the short story Brief Candle she offered to help with the modification of a multispatial probe. It appears she got similar treatment as the other 4 Equinox crewmembers...

    In the following months she grew isolated and resentful. She was forced to do low-level maintenance work, despite being a class one engineer. She accepted it because she knew Janeway didn't trust the Equinox survivors. She didn't even consider herself a part of the crew. She also received a letter from her nephew that Karl died in an accident.

  • In 2377, as part of the short story Bottomless she managed to save Janeway, Chakotay, and Paris when they were on an away mission.

  • Ultimately she managed to make it home to the Alpha Quadrant along with the crew of the Voyager.


A Nova class vessel has a typical crew of 80, 39 were already dead by the time they made it to Voyager's location with their Journey to the Delta Quadrant. The remaining breakdown.

  • 39 dead by 2371-2376.
  • 5 more dead by the nucleogenic aliens they were using for fuel
  • Several more dead By then only Captain Ransom and 11 others remained. Of those 12, 2 were killed escaping from Voyager, 4 killed trying to escape Equinox. Ransom went down with his ship. Only 5 survived. They were stripped of rank and put in "Probation" with limited personal freedoms.

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