In DS9 "The Nagus", we learn that Ferengi are vacuum-dessicated after death, a process which reduces them to powder form. The powder is then packed into roughly 50 disks, which are then sold on the Ferengi Futures Exchange.

The status of a Ferengi determines the price per disk. For instance, the Grand Nagus himself, thought to be deceased in that episode, was going for 20 bars of gold-pressed latinum per disk, with a prediction that they would be worth even more down the line.

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Why are the remains green?

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The official StarTrek.com page on the Ferengi explicitly states that Ferengi blood is yellow and that the oxidisation/dessication of that blood causes it to turn green:

Ferengi blood is yellow, turning dark blue-green when oxidized. Bodies are not autopsied or even touched until after death rituals — which have been seen to be the desiccation and sale of the remains.

The yellow blood can be seen in TNG: The Price.

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    Someone should update the Memory Alpha entry on "Blood", which claims (with no citation) that the Ferengi have red blood.
    – Praxis
    Oct 27, 2015 at 22:03
  • Much better. I have cleaned up the comments above. Also, given the definitive nature of the answer, I see no reason not to go ahead and accept.
    – Praxis
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    @Praxis - If I were to spend my time correcting Memory Alpha, I'd have no time to eat, sleep or bathe
    – Valorum
    Oct 27, 2015 at 22:25
  • @Richard Even worse, if you spent all your time updating Memory Alpha then you wouldn't be able to answer questions here with your usual haste.
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    @Richard : I wasn't certain that you did those things.
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