I think it was a collection of short stories. In a future where robots or simulations are replacing live sports events, two teams match up to play the last actual live game ever. Other than the time frame though, I think it was a fairly standard game. Any help is appreciated!

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    Was it a collection of stories by the same author, or by different authors? Was it a sports-themed anthology, or was it robot-themed, or unthemed? How long ago did you read it? – user14111 Nov 1 '15 at 21:28

The short story you are describing sounds like "The Last Superbowl" by George R. R. Martin. (Yes, the creator of Game Of Thrones :-) ). I read it as part of an SF Sports novel which includes several other sports related stories; "Run to Starlight, Sports Through Science Fiction"

A description of the story can be found below in which GRRM showcases a world in which computer simulations have replaced real football. Sort of a "fantasy league takes over the real league" situation.

You can find a pretty good description here:

The last Superbowl – just think about it. No more National Football League, no more National Basketball Association, no more Major League Baseball, the players all replaced by pixels and simulations. The piece is entitled “The Last Superbowl” because the NFL was the last sport to fall to the computerized simulations. Martin explains that the NBA and NHL disbanded in 2010, while the MLB lasted just until 2014, with the NFL holding on just long enough to have one last Superbowl in 2016.

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  • Nice find. You might want to consider re-adding your book recommendation as a comment :-) – Valorum Nov 1 '15 at 21:53
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    @Richard. Good suggestion. For those seeking other SF Football stories, I might suggest Gary K. Wolf's "Killerbowl" from the same year (1975(. – beichst Nov 1 '15 at 23:49

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