Courtrooms provide the context for great drama because of the high stakes.
Star Trek is no exception at taking advantage.

What major Star Trek cultures' legal proceedings are portrayed in episodes or films?

Examples: Klingons, Cardassians, Bajorans, Ferengi, Romulans, pre-Federation humans

Related: What major non-Federation Star Trek cultures' legal proceedings are portrayed in episodes or films?

Related: In what episodes did the legal systems of "one-off" aliens provide a key plot-element?

  • Do episodes showing penal processes also count?
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World War III-style court

  • TNG: 'Encounter at Farpoint' - Q charges Humanity of being a grievously savage race

Klingon legal system

  • ENT: 'Judgement' - Captain Archer is tried in a Klingon tribunal for attacking a Klingon ship and inciting a rebellion.

  • TOS: The Undiscovered Country - Kirk and McCoy are tried for assassination of Chancellor Gorkon

  • DS9: 'The House of Quark' - Grilka and Quark must establish Quark as the rightful leader of Grilka's house before The Klingon High Council.

  • TNG: 'Sins of the Father' - Worf must defend his family's honor before the high council, while Picard acts as his Cha'DIch.

  • TNG: 'Reunion' - The dying emperor K'mpec chooses Picard to arbitrate the Rite of Succession, in which either Duras or Gowron will become the next emperor.

Cardassian legal system

  • DS9: 'Tribunal' - O'Brien is charged with selling weapons to the Maquis.

Bajoran legal system

  • DS9: 'Dax' - Jadzia Dax is the subject of an extradition hearing over an accusation of murder against Dax's former host, Curzon.

Ferengi legal system

  • DS9: 'Body Parts' - Quark has his Ferengi Business License summarily revoked by the Ferengi Commerce Authority, in the person of Brunt, for breaking a contract.
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    @beichst the 'Rubicon star system' incident has already been mentioned as 'Edo legal system'. Nov 3, 2015 at 12:16
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    In the Voyager episode "Distant Origin", we saw the Dinosaur species's court system as well Nov 3, 2015 at 21:49
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