In DS9 "Destiny", the Third Prophecy of Trakor comes true over the course of the episode.

At the end, Sisko and a Vedic have the following exchange:

YARKA: There are signs that Trakor's fourth prophecy will soon come to pass as well.

SISKO: Don't tell me that has something to do with me?

YARKA: You, Commander? Well, it is a prophecy about the Emissary.

SISKO: Tell me about it.

YARKA: The fourth prophecy says that the Emissary will face a fiery trial and he'll be forced to choose...

Did the fourth prophecy come true? Does Sisko being "forced to choose" correspond to some particular event in any later DS9 episode?

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It probably refers to the confrontation between Sisko and Dukat in the Bajoran Fire Caves in the DS9 episode What You Leave Behind.

"the Emissary will face a fiery trial and he'll be forced to choose..."

The Emissary is Sisko. He certainly faces a "fiery trial" when he and Dukat plunge into the fire pit, and being "forced to choose" could refer to his choice to propel himself and Dukat over the cliff, sacrificing his own life (in a sense) in order to thwart Dukat.

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  • in a sense In a very good sense, Sisko couldn't have known he would survive. Jan 18, 2017 at 7:54

Almost certainly the conflict in the fire-caves fulfils Trakor's 4th Prophesy and full credit to the writers for keeping it in mind for 4 years until the final episode!

However, there may well have been a 5th Prophecy, which we see come to pass in the beautiful book by S.D.Perry, Unity (2003, Pocket Books). I don't want to spoil the denouement: but there is a remarkable coming-together, with everything falling into peaceful place. It would have made a wonderful film.

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