With all the ragging on Jar Jar Binks for the ... less than wise way he is portrayed to behave, it dawned on me; he basically behaves in a very juvenile way, yet is judged by the fans as an adult.

How old was Jar Jar by Gungan standards? Is he (like Queen Amidala) a teenager equivalent of a Gungan or a fully-grown adult?


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Based on now Legends information from The Ultimate Alien Anthology, Jar Jar was considered an "adult" Gungan.

  • Jar Jar was born in 52 BBY
  • Gungans have an average lifespan of 65 years
  • Episode 1 took place in 32 BBY, making Jar Jar 20 years old when we meet him.
  • According to The Ultimate Alien Anthology, ages 16-35 are considered "Adult".
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