When they changed the actress playing Oracle mid-sequels in Matrix, they made up an in-universe explanation for it.

Was there an in-universe explanation for a change of actress playing Eviel in the Mummy sequel #3 (The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor), when Rachel Weisz was replaced with Maria Bello?


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In terms of canon, all we have to go on is the content of the film itself. No in-universe reason was given in it for the very drastic changes in Evie's appearance and persona.

In Matrix Revolutions (which you refer to), the Oracle was a program and that was something that was easily exploited to explain the change in her appearance.

However, Evie is a flesh-and-blood human being. True, there are various supernatural forces at work in the Mummy trilogy, but no appeal was made to those as a means of explaining Evie's changes.

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