In this interview at the official Star Trek web site, TNG-era producer Rick Berman mentioned that while he and the Star Trek creative team were working on Voyager,

...there was an IMAX project that we developed but the studio ended up not being able to make a deal with the IMAX people. It was in the early days of IMAX. It was before movies were coming out in IMAX like they were today. But it was a great script and certainly something that would have been exciting to do.

What was this shelved Star Trek IMAX project? Which ship and/or crew would it have involved? What details are known about the script?


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I'm not sure all of your questions can be answered, but I've found some very interesting information to answer some of them:

  • From Ian Spelling's "Sci-Fi" syndicated column: Interview with Rick Berman (January 22 [I assume 1996): Miles O'Brien was going to be involved
  • December 30 in TV Guide: It would be 40 minutes long and (of course) filmed in IMAX 3D with a draft supposed to be ready by early January 1997
  • November 3 from Star Trek Communicator:

What is happening on the IMAX movie?

BERMAN: We've completed a story that was written by myself and Hans Tobeason. I'm very pleased with it and Paramount is very pleased as well. It has now gone off to IMAX. We're just waiting to see what the next step is going to be.

This indicates to me that there is a script out there somewhere!

Are you planning on featuring more than one Star Trek crew in this IMAX film?

BERMAN: At the moment, it features one well-known Star Trek character [probably O'Brien] and a number of other actors who are not known. There is a good chance that there will be some peripheral performances by other known Star Trek characters.

  • June 11 1997 Star Trek Communicator: it was intended to have some scientific/educational elements to it, but still predominately entertainment
  • February 25 1997 Star Trek Communicator: it had a budget of $10 million

Based on the above information, it seems most likely that we were going to see a new ship and crew (with O'Brien aboard it). The details other than this though seem to be awfully scant!

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