They seem to be able to live forever or at least an incredibly long time. They befriend the biggest threats towards their life, they can also survive in space.

Can a minion die? Under what circumstances?

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    I wish they would.
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    Related, not dupe; How long do the Minions live?
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  • @TheAsh - Immortality and functional immortality are different things.
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The minions themselves seem to think so. When one of their number appears to have exploded, caps are doffed and tears begin to flow profusely.

Evidently the death of a minion is a rare event (we've seen them survive an awful lot unscathed) but one which provokes a strong community response.

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According to screenwriter Brian Lynch, the answer is no:

Ed Zitron Can Minions die?

Brian Lynch Hi Ed! No.

Tom McK Just to be clear here, what would happen if I hit a Minion repeatedly with a very large, sharp, and heavy axe?

Brian The axe would break.

(lightly copyedited)


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