One of the "Five Lights", Laurie Tromette (codename: Transonic) is one of the new mutants who got her powers after the whole "House of M" story arc. After her powers were activated, she permanently resembles the love-child of existing characters Mystique & Apocalypse. She even has the ability both characters share - the ability to shape-shift her physical form, albeit in a limited fashion. She can also fly, an ability often used by Apocalypse. Did I mention she runs around naked, just like the movie version of Mystique?

enter image description here

I've looked up the character, but I'm not really caught up on the X-Men stuff within the past few years. I didn't see any indications on her profile that she was anything other than what she appears, but you never know if those are complete.

Given the complicated relationships of the X-Men universe, are the abilities and appearance of Transonic an indication of any relationship between her, Mystique, or Apocalypse?

  • to my memory, her appearance in that particular image is way more apocalypse-like than she is normally drawn. i don't recall her really having much of a revealed background, but given that they already had kid-apocalypse running around, i don't think they would have another one popping up just yet – phantom42 Nov 11 '15 at 3:12
  • She appears frequently in the Schism paperback, and that's how she appears there as well, including the lines on the face. You're probably right, though. – Omegacron Nov 11 '15 at 15:29

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