A few years ago, I found the following claim on a random blog: at one point during the early TNG years, Gene Roddenberry had proposed a "Lwaxana Troi sitcom", starring his wife Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (who played Lwaxana Troi in several TNG-era Star Trek episodes).

Is there an official source confirming that this was really proposed by Roddenberry? If so, was this intended to be a half-hour-format sitcom with a laugh track, as was the norm at that time for comedic television series?



The earliest mention of a "Lwaxana Troi sitcom" seems like it was in Starlog #177, April 1992. (Thanks to @Richard for mentioning this), Most mentions of it don't provide any source at all, and the ones that do tend to point to Starlog #177, the exact quote being:

A fourth possibility — a SF sitcom starring Majel Barrett as Lwaxana Troi — had been mulled by Barrett, Gene Roddenberry and The Sci-Fi Channel as a project for that cable network. But Roddenberry's death and SFC's start-up delays have sidelined that idea for now.

The most "reliable" sources, aside from that fleeting mention in Starlog I can find are mostly Top 10 lists, fan blogs and the like. I haven't found any sort of documents, or anything "official" suggesting they really did consider it.

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