I can't recall either title or author, and think I read it in the 80s or VERY early 90s. The plot had a young girl discovering magical ability, and contacting a boy with similar talents. He ends up captured and imprisoned in a computer core, being used to power it. The girl has to touch points on a circle in a pentacle pattern before he completes the circle, or he'll be trapped and the bad guys take over the world or something. I remember the book used BASIC language commands, like GOTO10, for a programming loop. I seem to recall the book had a white cover with a very simple and small printed title with a small pentacle.

  • I know this book! I'm looking for it as well and I believe it was called something like "out of the dark" But I can't find it! I thought no one else even knew about it and was beginning to think I'd imagined the book! I remember her and her sister, and learning about meditation because of this book. Oct 6 '17 at 22:13

"Out of the Dark World" by Grace Chetwin

worldcat.org's summary:

When a boy whose mind is trapped inside a computer program begins appearing in her dreams, sixth grader Meg uses a hypnotic trance to summon the sorceress Morgan le Fay for aid in freeing him.

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