Looking for a story that starts with quasi-intelligent life on an alien planet that evolve due to environmental pressure in minutes. All except for this one super-creature, who would defeat all others. It never had the 'urge to evolve'. Until one day a ship lands (humans as I recall) and is able to kill/defeat everything including the super-creature. Only then did it get the 'urge to evolve'. I read this between 2000 and 2010, but I think its much older.

I vaguely recall "Evolve" or "Evolution" in the title and the story narrative is 100% from the alien's perspective.

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    There's a story of incredibly rapid evolution referenced in scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/60149/… but it had basically one species that kept evolving, and no "super-creature".
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  • @SeanDuggan No.. not that one, this story narrative is 100% from the alien's perspective. I vaguely recall "Evolve" or "Evolution" in the title. Commented Nov 18, 2015 at 19:54

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It's "Mutation Planet" (1973) by Barrington J. Bayley in Knights of the Limits It can be read at Mutation Planet

Filled with ominous mutterings, troubled by ground-trembling rumblings, the vast and brooding landscape stretched all around in endless darkness and gloom. Across this landscape the mountainous form of Dominus moved at speed, a massed, heavy shadow darker than the gloom itself, sullenly majestic, possessing total power.

I had forgotten the actual words for near the ending, they are:

With that realization an urge beyond all power to resist came upon Dominus: the compulsion to evolve.

I must give all credit to Hypnosfil It's only because (s)he remembered the answer to the Chess Knight question I was able to track this down. Thanks so much bud.

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