In Star Wars: Rebels we meet a character named Ezra Bridger. At first his eye color appeared to be an unnatural purple color.

enter image description here

Other viewers have also noticed and commented on his purple eyes:

In terms of the appearance of the character the lavender/purple eyes and the blueish/black hair are curious choices -RebelsReport.com .


Kanan looked into Ezra's electric purple eyes and smiled. -source

There's no doubt - his eyes definitely started out purple. However the character's main image on his Wookieepedia page shows his eyes now looking more blue-ish and the same page now claims his eye color is blue.

enter image description here

Did they change his eye color from purple to blue? If so, Why?

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    I'm honestly not seeing any difference! – Often Right Nov 19 '15 at 7:09
  • @The Doc whoa I'm looking at it on my phone and you're right, they look the same. I'll have find some better pictures to show the difference. I'll clarify my question tomorrow. – RedCaio Nov 19 '15 at 11:14
  • @TheDoc I edited my question by narrowing it down so that it's much clearer what I'm asking. I also added better sources and images. – RedCaio Nov 19 '15 at 21:22
  • I can see quite a distinct difference now; much better 😉 – Often Right Nov 19 '15 at 22:07
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    Some humans actually do have purple eyes – Valorum Dec 11 '15 at 19:37

Wookieepedia is not necessarily an infallible source - the image in question appears to come from a guide book which may not have used "official" or production assets from the show but had secondary illustrations.

StarWars.com would be better - here is a gallery of stills from episodes. The color does appear to be different than just a basic blue


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Ezra's eyes aren't an unnatural purple color. They are a natural purple color.

There are no Earth humans or Homo sapiens in Star Wars. Human actors are used to depict the main species in the story, but it would be naive to assume that members of that species actually are human looking.

And Ezra's face looks like he may belong to a different species than the main species, and thus may be a bit less Human in biology and looks than that main species. It is true that both his names are name used by English speaking Earth Humans, but that may be due to some translation decision or a simple coincidence. Ezra might actually look less Human than he is depicted.

And even if it is claimed that Ezra's ancestors were Earth Humans who colonized a galaxy far away long, long ago, it would not be unnatural for a Human to have deep blue or purple eyes. Humans with such eye colors are not unknown. I once waited on a woman in a store who had a boy with her with deep, dark, blue, possibly purplish, eyes.

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    Ezra's page says he's human and there are humans in star wars. Are you saying that the characters somehow don't look like what they look like on screen? If so, you should probably back up that claim or explain what you mean. – RedCaio Dec 11 '15 at 6:22
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    @RedCaio As stated in Wookieepedia, "Humans" in Star Wars aren't Homo Sapiens. They are indigenous to the planet Coruscant, in a galaxy far, far away from Earth's. They just conveniently resemble real-life humans because that way they can be played by human actors and we, the audience, can relate to them more easily. – Andres F. Dec 11 '15 at 13:59
  • RedCaio - My claim is that the "Humans" or Coruscant natives in Star Wars are portrayed by Human actors to save makeup costs and for great audience identification. Thus it doesn't really matter how much they actually resemble humans and they might look much more alien than depicted in the movies. Everyone should have realized that back in 1977 and accepted it as a given that their human look is s just as much an artifact of production as their speaking English. Calling them Human is an error even if by production staff. No big deal. – M. A. Golding Dec 11 '15 at 19:18

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