Relatively new book about a "street kid" who gets a corrupted nobleman sponsor who sends him to duelling school / Warrior school.

  • Uses Saber and knife
  • Got robotic sparring partners which wizards of old had created.
  • Protagonist gets kicked out for illegal duelling or something.
  • Protagonist has some type of instinctive magic that makes him unstoppable.
  • Protagonist becomes an assassin / Illegal dueller.
  • Antagonist's sponsor frames him for killing the duke and becomes the next duke.
  • A nobleman sponsor a young street kid into dueling school. And secretly trains him into an assassin.

  • This kid trains in sabre/knife fencing but gets kicked out in the end.

  • They got magical constructs that wizards of old made.

  • This kid is that a girl gets raped and her uncle's inn gets burned out.

  • The nobleman and the kid gets into another country where they assassinate a person to start a war. Kid kills a big cat and gets a new coat.

  • The kid ask the nobleman for help and the nobleman seduces and later sends her to a brothel. This causes a falling out.

  • The kid/man starts going down a bad path, starts killing for hire, illegal dueling, etc.

  • The kid for somereason got the blood of a body guard of mages. They have been gone since they helped to kill the mages.

  • the nobleman uses him to get the duke killed when the kid acts as his bodyguard.

  • The nobleman/new duke, sentencing him to death, kid get let go or freed.

  • The prostitue and him decides in leaving that country.

  • He leaves first, his girl leaves later and that ship gets taken by pirates.

  • book 2/3 is about him chasing pirates.

  • I remember more: "The street kid/ orphan gets in to the dueling school thanks to the nobleman. He meets a girl who thanks to him gets raped. When the kid ask the nobleman for help, then he sends the girl to a brothel." probably makes no sense since im rambling, but something like that :P
    – Walle
    Nov 27, 2015 at 22:08

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This is the Society of the Sword series by Duncan M. Hamilton

From an Amazon review of the first book The Tattered Banner,

The hero, Soren, is plucked from a starving street urchin’s life by a famous nobleman to attend Ostia’s prestigious Academy of Swordsmanship.

This review on goodreads mentions Alessandra,

[a] barmaid turned whore


Talon of the Silver Hawk by Raymond E. Feist has some similarity with the book your describing

it isnt an exact match but you may be confusing 2 or more books together

IIRC there were magical constructs used in training

and there was an assassination plot

  • 1
    Details of what matches and what doesn't? Nov 27, 2015 at 9:44
  • Not the same book series. but alot seems the same.
    – Walle
    Nov 27, 2015 at 22:08

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