Sentinel and Lambda shuttles seem to be very closely related and similar in appearance:

With its folding wing configuration and matching cockpit module, the Sentinel-class landing craft was based on the Lambda-class shuttle, both shuttles having seen design origins in the Theta-class shuttle (Wikia)

Is there a reliable way to tell whether a shuttle is Lambda or Sentinel class visually? (e.g. in a film/cartoon scene)? Such as different shapes, detailing, colors, etc...?

I will accept size at last resort since in some visual scenes you can see the shuttle next to another known-size craft or object; but I strongly prefer other methods that would work even if the shuttle is the only object in visible frame of reference.


In addition to Jason Baker's answer, the side-view schematics of both shuttles make it very evident that they are only superficially similar. In fact, they are extremely different from the side!

(All images taken from Wookieepedia, but the original source is The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels)

Lambda-class: enter image description here

Sentinel-class: enter image description here

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For reference:

Sentinel-class Shuttle

enter image description here

Lambda-class Shuttle

enter image description here

Both images from the StarWars.com databank

It's pretty easy to pick up on some differences looking at them side-by-side:

  • The Lambda has landing lights on the wingtips, while the Sentinel has them nearer the main body of the ship
  • The Sentinel's main viewport is more triangular, following the point of the nose
  • The joints on the lower two wings are much bulkier in the Sentinel, possibly for increased cargo space

    • In these two comparison images, we can see that the entire cargo section on the Sentinel is significantly larger:


      enter image description here

      From Star Wars Rebels


      enter image description here

      From Return of the Jedi

  • The cockpit of the Sentinel sits higher up from that of the Lambda, probably because of the larger cargo area

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The Sentinel shuttle's extension pod has a flat bottom to facilitate airlift of AT-ST walker pods by attaching them to the bottom of the shuttle and airdropping them on the battlefield to release the walker for action.

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