I've come across the below image of the United Federation of Planets' logo:


It struck me how similar this is to the UN logo:

UN Logo

So, my question is, is there any official evidence to indicate that the United Federation of Planets Logo inspired by the UN's Logo?

Just saying, I know that the UFOP logo I have above isn't used in the 24th century, but in the 23rd century.


From digging around online I found no official word, from show creators, that it was indeed based on the united nations symbol.

However, I believe that its very reasonable to assume it was based or inspired by the UN.

Star Trek Fleet Technical Manual Introduces a precursor to the federation symbols we see today. the Technical Manual while not truly canon, though it has been licensed by paramount has had alot of impact on future startrek works as its popularity caused future writers to pull material from it. enter image description here

This image was created by Franz Schnaubelt's, in 1975 and he personally based this image off of the UN.

In 1979 startrek the motion picture introduces this symbol for the federation

enter image description here

As we can see the symbol is almost the same, and far different from the federation symbols shown in both pilot episodes. Though we have no confirmation on the idea behind the symbols in the pilot, these symbols also resemble the UN symbol. enter image description here From the Cage (pilot 1) enter image description here from "Where no man has gone before" pilot 2

As we see here the original idea the creators of the pilots had was to have a picture of north/south america surrounded in olive branches. these are the only 2 instances of a federation or supposed federation symbol in TOS. Franz built on this by taking that starmap, adding the grid lines like the UN and then removing the olive branches since he believed aliens would not know that stood for peace. upon making of star trek the motion picture, they took Fraz's symbol and add back the olive branches, giving us the symbol we are more familiar with.

Another interesting point is that Gene had some inspiration by the UN when creating the Federation.

  • I like the one from the manual the best. – Jerry Nixon Dec 2 '15 at 22:50

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