The final issue of Secret Wars (2015) has been delayed. I am reading via trade paperback/hardcover collected releases. Many of the tie-in stories are being released now in these collected releases. But I can't even start reading the main Secret Wars story until that final issue is released, which then allows Marvel to publish the collection. Since I'm going to have quite a few tie-in collections sitting around, I want to know if I can read them without having the early events of Secret Wars spoiled.

Do the Secret Wars tie-ins spoil the events in the main event book? (be sure to use spoiler tags in your answer if you're going to be super specific)

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Star Lord & Kitty Pryde spoils Secret Wars #4.

Seige #4 has parts that overlap with Secret Wars #6, but goes best if read first.

Likewise, Thors #4 has parts that overlap with Secret Wars #7, but goes best if read first.

The last issue (#5) of Old Man Logan, A-Force, Weirdworld, and especially Ultimate End all to a certain degree spoil the ending to Secret Wars in the process of trying to pave the way to the All New All Different.

Last Days of Silver Surfer #15 also takes place following the ending of Secret Wars.

Besides for that, most of the tie-in's never even mention events from the main book or vise versa.

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