I remember a chapter book for middle school aged kids, I don't remember much about it but what I do remember is a girl attends a magic boarding school, I think there is a shapeshifter involved, like a student or something. All I remember is at the end there are multiple dimensions and the version of herself in that dimension dies but another lives? And there is some evil involved. The cover art is yellow, with a brown haired girl and bubbles all around her that contain images. Please help me, I can't for the life of me remember what this book is called!!

It was definitely English, either American or British.

  • Please mention Language of the book, Country of Origin if you remember. That might help.
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Adapted from this answer to another question,

I found A School for Sorcery by E. Rose Sabin.

The cover does have bubbles

From one review on the Amazon page:

Tria, the heroine of A School for Sorcery, is faced with an outsized tussle: her elegant, spiteful roommate has a habit of turning into a black panther at times of stress (...)


It's a depressing tale about manipulating adults, evil children, and multiple dimensions.

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  • Read through the book. Definitely a match.
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