In The Incredible Hulk, we see Stan Lee drinking a soda with Bruce Banner's blood in it:

He drops the bottle and we're told:

...it had more kick than he expected

But what actually happened to him?

Did he Hulk-out, even partially?

Is there any deleted scene or interview which sheds light on it?

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It doesn't show the effects of consuming the contaminated drink in the movie but, in the script, the victim is a woman.


Mom is on the floor, her body in a spasm, eyes rolled back


INT. GENERAL ROSS’S OFFICE - DAY GEN. T. ROSS at his desk. Lost in thought. Snaps out of it when his female aide, MAJOR CABOT, puts some forms on his desk. She moves him through signing boring requisition orders...

CABOT ...and here’s something a little more interesting.

He holds out his hand, not that optimistic...

she hands him a two page fax..

CABOT (CONT’D) Possible gamma sickness. Milwaukee. Woman drank one of these guarana sodas. Had more kick than she was looking for.

ROSS Last three were irradiated fruit, not Gamma...

CABOT Look at the spectrograph in that path report. Even the FDA didn’t approve that. Whatever it was it was concentrated. Got less than a tenth of a milliliter and it almost killed her.

In the usual annoying and insufferable way of finding Stan Lee a part, they shoe-horned him into this scene and re-wrote it a little but he didn't "hulk-out", it just made him very ill.

At the time of the report to the general it is very clear that he didn't die as the line in the script maintains that it almost killed him.

There is nothing in the movie to confirm that he died and the screenplay is quite clear about the womans fate at the time of the report.

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I'm not sure if this counts, but:

In Lego Marvel Super Heroes on PlayStation, the Stan Lee character can become a hulk with Stan Lee's head

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